Our LAB is focused on how to expand this knowledge through visualizing data.


We look for hidden patterns, cause-effect, correlations, seasonality, complexity  and much more, we pursue the comprehension of phenomena.

GECKODE is focused on creating state of the art software and  methodologies for bringing data to life.


We can help any organization, government or enterprise to create visual models to understand behaviors and patterns of their field of interest.

Our multidisciplinary team is composed by designers, software engineers, data scientists and social sciences professionals. All we are data visualization enthusiasts.

ACM / Geckode



Morelos  Ote. 432 Despacho 305

Col. Centro, C.P. 64000

Monterrey, Nuevo León, México






Correo: info@geckode.mx

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VOne is a Software Framework created by GECKODE

VOne's purpose is to simplify the creation of “visualizers” or visual interfases connected to databases.


This “visualizers” express the underliyng data using graphics.

Our visualizers are designed to be connected and aware of changes in data. Also allows the users to view, interact, search, filter, sort and add algorithms to query graphically the underlying data sets for an easy understanding.


VOne based visualizers could be used in websites for simple infographics, or for the creation of Specialzed Monitorig Rooms or War Rooms.