US Elections results history viewer



Based on advanced visualization technologies in Geckode, we carried out the exercise of showing, in an alternative and dynamic way, the results of elections in the USA in the last century until 2012.


The board shows the general results for each election and also the result for each state. A color graduation is used to show the winning party in each entity, so the intensity of the color indicates the predominance of each match, allowing easy identification of those states where a match dominates or those where there was a more even competition.


Historical context data are also included in certain years, milestones in history that may have resulted from the elections or influenced them.


About Technology:


Geckode is a company specialized in technology development and practices for the development of Discovery and Monitoring boards. The 3D, the graphic possibilities and the panoramic vision of all the data are the common feature of their solutions.

Visualizer features: