Deported Migrants Records  Advanced Viewer



Based on advanced visualization technologies in Geckode, we took on the task of reflecting a set of data obtained in interviews conducted with migrants deported from the USA to Mexico in a period from 2013 to 2017.


The information collected contains general data such as biographical data, place of origin, experience and skills, level of English, etc.


The Matt Civil Association based in San Antonio TX conducts these interviews to generate valuable statistics that can be shared with figures within Mexican governments that help to develop strategies to take advantage of the skilled labor that these people represent.


About the Visual Solution:


Geckode is a company specialized in technology development and practices for the development of Discovery and Monitoring boards.


The 3D, the graphic possibilities and the panoramic vision of all the data are the common feature of their solutions.

Criteria for the accommodation of the data:


Each person is represented as an individual circle in space.